Thursday, July 29, 2010

Foals - Miami

2008, the year the Foals release their debut album Antidotes. A great album with strong singles such as Balloons and Olympic Airwaves. Foals was a hip indie band which did not fully break through even though they played sold out concerts. The bad was due to play Lowlands but had to drop out for undisclosed reasons. The band did not break through in Holland and so now they will try it again with album number two named Total Life Forever.

On the first album you could hear that the songs where really jumpy, on this album you can clearly hear they have improved their musicianship and have become more mature. Total Life Forever sounds atmospheric and almost seems Pink Floydish. The band calls it ''Topical Prog'' and ''‘like the dream of an eagle dying''. Just like the cover the music is calm, relaxing and surprising. Check out the album, and listen to the single Miami below:

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