Friday, July 30, 2010

The Coral - Butterfly House

The Coral released their new album Butterfly House the 12th of July, the fith album of the British five-piece. The indierock band created a buzz with their self titled debut album when they where nominated for the Mercury Prize of 2002. The album Roots & Echoes (2007) received great critics, even though they received a lot of critical praise the big breakthrough never really came. After some years of quitness the band has released their newest piece of work, produced by John Leckie. John Leckie started as producer for Abbey Road studio's and has worked with George Harrison, John Lennon, Muse, The Verve, XTC, Radiohead and The Stone Roses.

Butterfly House sounds a like an ode to the 60's and is all in all a terrific album. Check out the album preview below:

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